KwikVR frees your VR gaming experience from the constraints of tethers.KwikVR frees your VR gaming experience from the constraints of tethers.Wireless VR without compromise.

Freedom of Movement

Without the constraints of tethers, move without limits and fully enjoy your Virtual Reality experience.

For VR Headsets

100% compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, without any hardware modification or loss of warranty.

With Full Performance

Imperceptible latency and native performance for a pure VR gaming experience.

iPhone and iPad versions

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KwikVR: a trouble-free operation

100% compatible and reliable, for a limitless experience


KwikVR is 100% compatible with your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive without requiring any hardware modification or adjustment. Setting it up is both fast and easy.

All its features


Install the provided application on your PC.


Plug the HDMI dongle in your GPU and the Wi-Fi router on your network adapter.


Connect your VR headset to the KwikVR.


Enjoy your VR games and applications without limits.

KwikVR - Features

A solution designed by VR experts for the consumer market.

With a low weight (around 1 pound) and a limited size thought to provide you with the maximal autonomy without disturbing your movements, KwikVR has been created to be used on a daily basis by everyone.

Full performance

We guarantee the native resolution and frequency (i.e. 2160x1200 at 90 Hz for HTC Vive) of your headset for a pure Virtual Realily experience.

Ultra low latency

The added latency has been optimized to always remain below 12 measured milliseconds, which are barely perceptible by the human eye.

5 GHz Wi-Fi

Positionned on your belt and not on the top of your head, KwikVR does not expose you to powerful waves (which can to up to 60 GHz for some concurrent solutions).

Preserved warranty

Simply plug the existing cable of your VR headset into the KwikVR. There is no hardware alteration, so your manufacturer warranty if fully preserved.

KwikVR – Tech specs

All useful informations are available below.

KwikVR is built out of premium quality materials, chosen to bring a real added value to your Virtual Reality experience.

Size and weight

Around 1 pound, completely inperceptible when you play.

Fixing system

Attached at the belt, to neither disturb your movements nor to burden your headset.

Power and battery

16100 mAh battery, up to 4 gaming hours without reloading.


Works at the native resolution and frequency of the VR headsets
(i.e. 2160×1200 at 90 Hz for HTC Vive).


5 GHz Wi-Fi, same technology as in your Internet box, without any danger for your health, positionned at the belt, and not on the top of your head, to minimize the effects of waves.


KwikVR provides an HDMI port and two USB ports, in addition to its On/Off power button.

Easy setup

KwikVR is provided with a software installer, an HDMI dongle and a Wi-Fi router for a simple installation.

100% compatible

Connects without any hardware modification to your VR headset. Absolutely risk free for your manufacturer warranty.

Certified overhead

The latency overhead introduced by KwikVR has been measured with our patent pending technology under 12 ms, guaranteed.

KwikVR in the USA

Where You Can Find Us

KwikVR is driven from Atlanta. For any information or for press contact, please call us on our dedicated line, or leave us a message on the contact form on our website.

By Scalable Graphics

KwikVR is developped by Scalable Graphics SAS, whose headquarters are in Nancy, France. Specialized in innovative technologies, Scalable Graphics is one of the pionneers in 3D cloud solutions for professionals. Passionate about new technologies, its team innovates, invents and developps solutions for professional and consumer markets.
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