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10 Things to look for in a trucker headset before buying?

Did you know that as much as 71% of the freight tonnage in the U.S. happen through trucks? Yes, vehicles are the lifeblood of the U.S. economy, and as a trucker, you are looking at a career that is well rewarding. However, given the long hours on the road, it …

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people loves to Buy a gaming laptop

5 Reasons to why people loves to Buy a gaming laptop

Looking to go in for a gaming laptop but are wondering whether it’s the right choice for you? Gaming laptops can have a steep price, and you may wonder if it’s what you need. Don’t worry – we will help you figure it all out. People buy laptops so that …

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10 Things to look for in a trucker headset before buying?

Did you know that as much as 71% of the freight tonnage in the U.S. happen through trucks? Yes, vehicles are the lifeblood of the U.S. economy, and as a trucker, you are looking at a career that is well rewarding.

However, given the long hours on the road, it is easy to ask yourself – how would you spend your time?

Why Do You Need the Right Trucker Headset?

As a trucker, you would spend many hours on the roads, and more importantly, may need to talk to someone over the phone. It’s not a good idea to hold your phone and maneuver a large vehicle with the other.

Using smartphones while driving can be risky, a reason the practice has been banned in several countries. So, how will you communicate with your clients or employers? A Bluetooth trucker headset is what you are looking for.


Bluetooth: The new-age advancement

When it comes to a trucker headset, the one thing you cannot compromise on is safety – a reason you would love to own a Bluetooth trucker headset.

With Bluetooth, you can pair it to several devices such as computers, laptops, and phones. Most devices today are Bluetooth integrated, including your smartphone.

Let us take a look at how a Bluetooth headset can help you.


1) Hands-free use

You don’t have to use your hands while using a Bluetooth device. Just pair it with any smartphone, and you’re good to go. The one thing you do need to take note of though is whether your Bluetooth headset pairs with your Android or iOS device. Some couple with either and some with only one.

The hands-free use makes it easy to use while traveling’ a Bluetooth headset is your best companion.


2) Transfer files effortlessly

Transfer of files quickly. You can easily pair it with the other device, and transfer your files in a jiffy. It’s as simple as that.


3) User-friendly

A Bluetooth headset is extremely user-friendly. You can pair it to your required device, and automatically you can do things on the go. Be it listening to music or speaking to someone, Bluetooth headsets are here to your rescue.


4) Wireless

One of the primary uses of a Bluetooth headset is how you can connect several devices wirelessly. It ensures that you’re not surrounded by cables and wires, making your life messy. It is the perfect companion.

Whether it be compatibility or having the convenience of hands-free, a Bluetooth Headset offers it all.


The Top 10 Things to Look For in a Good Trucker Headset

So, As what talked about it is about the ‘Why do truckers prefer headsets?’ The answer is simple. The roads tend to be risky and long hours, and no signs of communication could be daunting.  A trucker Headset helps you to cut down on the travel time as well as travel safely.

However, here is a look at all that you should look for.

1) Is it Lightweight?

You can’t travel long distances with a bulky device around your head. It can be pretty cumbersome for the trucker. If you are looking to purchase that headset which is lightweight and comfortable, and one you can wear for a long duration, you’ve found the answer.

2) What about Noise Cancellation?

TRUCKER Single Ear Stereo Noise Canceling HeadsetThere are several new models available in the market that help to cut down on the noise while traveling. It becomes easier to communicate with the other person with all the other unnecessary noise canceled out.

3) Hands-free operation

Look for a wireless trucker headset, as it helps to communicate without the use of hands. As a trucker tends to travel long distances, you spend the majority of the time on the steering wheel. When driving, it is not possible for truckers to work with a smartphone.

You can travel with ease and at the same time, communicate the required information to the respective parties.

4) Battery life

Battery life of the Bluetooth headset is another factor to be considered when purchasing one. As a trucker, you tend to spend a significant portion of his time on the road, and charging of any devices can be a struggle. A Bluetooth headset with long battery life will enable the trucker to travel, without losing out on any information.

5) What is your budget?

From low to high cost, there are several headsets available. As a trucker, look to purchase one that offers you the features you need, at a convenient price point.

6) Do you like Design?

As a trucker is on the move for several hours, it can get pretty sweaty. Here, the design and the comfort of the headset comes into the picture. You can choose from several models available, keeping the traveling conditions in mind.

7) What is the Range?

The range of the Bluetooth headset is another major factor. The device should be capable of connecting to any Bluetooth integrated device in its vicinity, making it easy for the trucker to have a smooth ride.

8) Functionality

TrucksDoes it offer new features like Touch technology? With it, for instance, you can answer a call or change the song, just with a touch to your device. It becomes handy, as you can coordinate your traveling and communication simultaneously.

9) How is the Audio?

It’s perhaps the most critical factor consider while purchasing a Bluetooth Headset. You don’t want to lose out on relevant information while traveling long distances. Choose a headset which helps you to communicate effectively and gets you that crisp audio.

10) Voice control

A good trucker headset can help you pair up with your smartphone quickly and talk to others seamlessly. The better options out there even allow you to connect to the Google Assistant or Siri on the go.


Conclusion :

If you are a trucker, you would want to make your road trips better. And a Bluetooth headset helps do just that.

Whether it be listening to your favorite music, talking to people or just using it for fun, with the right trucker headset, you have nothing to worry about.

5 Reasons to why people loves to Buy a gaming laptop

Looking to go in for a gaming laptop but are wondering whether it’s the right choice for you? Gaming laptops can have a steep price, and you may wonder if it’s what you need. Don’t worry – we will help you figure it all out.

People buy laptops so that they can use them to handle different tasks. There are some who use them to work, to study, for gaming or other entertainment purposes. Some people buy PC and ordinary laptops for daily use. You don’t buy in gaming laptops not just for playing your favorite games. Instead, you can use them to work, study and even to play various games. They have unique features that make them outstanding.



They are more expensive than ordinary laptops, but people still buy them. They have a battery that keeps charge between nine to eleven hours. The battery for a regular laptop can only go for five hours, even if you are not playing games or performing other power-intensive tasks.

This is one of the reasons why many people spend extra money to acquire it. This feature makes it work well for people who go for field work.

Let us discuss various features that entice many users.


1. Offers the Best of it All

Gaming laptops come with new processors, just because you cannot run games on it otherwise. It’s easy to get an i7 processor when you buy one today. Its speakers are strategically positioned and function well.

They are very clear and help in raising your morale when working or when playing games. You cannot resist the sweetness of the music that comes through them. You will find that you are singing along and enjoying.

The music will get you fully engaged even when you are doing other activities. You will enjoy the game or the work you are doing with this laptop.

The quality of the pictures is higher than that of other laptops. The hardware stays intact and does not wear out. Some of them even come with 4k displays.

gaming laptops

2. It’s is Durable

They are made of expensive and attractive aluminum on the keyboard and the entire body. They have logos that are well known.

Its screen is unique; it displays textures and shades that are colorful. When you are using it, you look elegant, and people respect you.

An ordinary laptop functions well for five years. Many people use it for this period only. They then sell it and replace with a new one.

This is because after this period its processing speed decreases. This causes delay and inefficiency in your operations. It may take you so long before you tackle a small task.

Some spare parts need to be replaced after five years. Some have a smaller memory that gets full. This requires them to buy Hard disk where they can transfer their data. This transfer takes so long when a laptop wears out.

A gaming laptop is durable. It works efficiently even when you have used it for ten years. It will ease your upgrading burden.

It has ample space where you can store all your data.


3. Offers you the Performance You Need

People like a laptop that has a high speed. Suppose you are making a presentation with a laptop, you would want to use the one that has no lags. Most of them come with a RAM of at least 8 GB, while a few of them offer RAM of 16 GB, 32 GB or more. More RAM means more power, making everyday tasks as well as other power-intensive tasks a breeze.

You don’t have to get bored and lose interest in what you are presenting when your laptop is dragging.

A gaming laptop will save you from the delay and the consequences that come with it. Its processor operates quite well, helping games run efficiently at high frame rates.

Add to it the inbuilt graphics card which makes other tasks like video editing easier too. When you are running more important sized programs, you don’t have to worry about its compatibility. This may include Quick books program among others that aids in keeping a close check on business activities.

Desktop Replacement Laptops

4. Easy to Use

This laptop is of high quality and yet easy to operate. Its features are not complicated at all. It performs all the function that an ordinary one does.

The only difference is that the technology of a gaming laptop is high. It can be able to handle a full load and still work at high speed.

It accommodates the same features of the normal laptop or PC. This includes Google, Microsoft Office, and quick books.

You will not spend some time learning how to handle and operate it. This means that you will enjoy high-quality service without incurring learning costs.


5. Versatile in Nature

Its spare parts are available at the store. Suppose they break down; you will only buy the needed part and replace instead of buying a new laptop.

This will help you in reducing costs that you would have incurred. You can also replace the spare parts when you realize that the laptop is becoming sluggish.

Upgrading it is easy, and it does not take a lot of time.

Play Video Games

Should You Go in For One?

A gaming laptop is more expensive than an ordinary laptop. It comes with added features that make your extra expenditure worth it.

It has extra SSD that allows you to save a lot of files and data. You will not need to buy a hard disk. You will be able to save games that are important to you.

You will enjoy the enticing graphics and unlimited themes. Use this laptop to take your entertainment to the next level.

Add to that the evenly distributed music that comes from speakers that are strategically positioned, and you know you have got hold of what you need.

Why gaming laptops are the trent today

In the past few years, there has been a rapid growth in the gaming laptop world. For this reason, laptop manufacturers have not only been consistently upgrading their laptops to meet the latest capabilities and design in both hardware and software but also there have been in the forefront to match up with each customer needs.

Gaming laptops have come along with more privileges than what gaming desktops would provide. For instance, the portability and long battery life is an undeniable fact why most gamers have preferred to buy a gaming laptop.

From our extensive market research and user experience reviews, we have figured out that gaming laptops have high-performance capabilities and appealing graphics very close to gaming desktops. I had the chance to test the performance of several gaming laptops against gaming desktops personally; the laptop experience was far much better than I had expected.

Regardless of your gaming level, it is essential you have a gaming machine that will not necessarily need to be connected to a source of power and still give you the same gaming experience as your desktop. Below are some of the reasons why most people today prefer working with gaming laptops

gaming laptops

Battery Life and portability

All gamers would have wanted to game everywhere, but in the past years, that was only a wish since they have just been hooked to their desktops at home

In the recent years, the gaming world has evolved, and the most exciting part has been the introduction of gaming laptops and especially the fact that you can use them for gaming in long durations before going for recharge as compared to earlier laptops.

Gaming laptops come in small sizes, lightweight, flaunting shapes and designs.

Nowadays, they are compact size gaming laptops in the market that are ultra-portable and still fit comfortably on your lap, thanks to the competition in the market trends. In the current day and age, you will come across youths gaming in buses, fields and other places where they are comfortable holding a laptop.

This has been the number one factor that has led to the increase in demands of gaming laptops over the recent years.



Earlier versions of gaming machines hardly guaranteed good display resolution and visual features. Because gaming needs high-level screen resolution for a superb visual experience, the introduction of the NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics chip in the modern gaming laptops has been more than a relieve for gaming enthusiasts.

By guaranteeing high-quality visual performance, gaming laptops have now seemed an undeniable offer for many to resist making them a trend in the current day gaming experiences.

Importantly to state, the chips have brought forth top-notch visual capacities such as water reflections and character naturalization making gaming more visually real expertise as compared to the later animated like gaming experience.

Due to these unique characteristics, gaming laptops have received praises making them a key attraction in the modern day gaming world.


Processor & Cooling

The most common reasons why a computer hangs when gaming is because the cooling system is not able to withstand the heat emitted by its processing power. Having a slow laptop can be the most disgusting feeling for all gamers that is why they preferred sticking to their desktops.

Therefore, for those who may prefer a high-performance gaming machine, a sound processor is an undeniable factor to ignore. Since gaming laptops are expected to run massive games as desktops would, they are installed with high processing power, speeds, and active cooling systems.

Having the right combination of these features has made gaming laptops have a significant influence on the market. In all the above-explained factors, a gaming laptop could not be an option if it hangs when gaming. Realizing that they are gaming laptops with powerful processors and cooling specs it was a breathtaking moment for every gamer

Despite their primary motive, they are not only popular with players, but also many youths and companies prefer using gaming laptops in their day-to-day operations due to their outstanding features that come with some serious performance.

5 facts on why is a digital notepad important

When a person is on the move, they need a computer that is going t be able to keep up with them. A digital notepad can be taken on the go and will allow a person to have access to their internet and files. There are five on why a digital notepad is important and why a person should have one..

1 Keep Track of Notes

When a person is taking notes with a pen and paper they may lose the pages. Accidents can happen and the notes that they spent time writing can be made. With a digital notepad, this does not have to happen. A person can save the notes that they are using and even back them up with cloud storage. Missing or lost notes will not be a problem again..

2 Endless Supply

If a person is taking notes with a paper notebook they may run off pages and have nowhere to put important information. With a digital notepad, there is an endless paper tabletsupply of room. A person can type all the information they want new pages will be created. They do not have to worry about running out of space.

3 Search Features

Digital notepads make searching for specific information easy. All a person has to do is type in the topic that they are looking for in the search bar and within a matter of seconds they will be taken to these notes. If a person needs to come back to this information, they can bookmark it so that it is even easier to access. They will no longer have to search through pages and pages until they find what they are looking for.

4 Access anywhere digital notepad will allow a person access to their notes no matter where they are.

They can open the notes, check information, and use the information as needed. As long as they have the notepad, they will not be without important information. Smartphones can access many of the notebook programs. Now a person can have their information on them at all times..

5 Help the environment

when a person buys a digital notebook this may not be the main thing that they have in mind. This is an added benefit of using a digital notebook.


Paper becomes a scarce resource since it is made from trees. It takes a long of resources to copy all the notes, and in some cases, they are thrown out anyway.

A digital notebook can take the place of paper notes. It can be used to store a great deal of information and can be used over and over again. If the information is no longer needed, it can be deleted without a problem. These are some of the advantages of using a digital notebook. This notebook is easy to carry, and a person will not have to worry about running out of space. They can have access to their information at any time they want and will be able to share this information with others if needed.

5 know abouts on emmc vs ssd

At one point in life, you will need to choose the storage device you will buy. Here are five know about on eMMC Vs. SSD you need to know:

Although both eMMC and SSD operate through NAND principles, they have numerous differences.

For instance, eMMC has only one NAND gate while SSD has more than one gate allowing the data to move faster. Therefore, SSD has a faster speed to read and write when compared to eMMC. The NAND gates make the top speed for SSD to be about 1500 MB/s while that of eMMC is just 400 MB/s. Nonetheless, this speed can vary depending on the type and the model even though they are close.


eMMC and SSD also differ in the amount of storage they provide. Ideally, eMMC has less storage on board than SSD.

I.e. eMMC is available in 32 GB and 64 GB variants while SSD is available in 128 GB, 256GB, 320GB and 512 GB. Therefore, for eMMC users to combat this deficit, SSDthey use cloud storage to store their data on a remote server. However, if an SSD user requires more storage and have used the available storage, he can use cloud storage too.


There is also a difference in the way the two are connected to devices.

SSD drives are usually connected via STATA interface to the motherboard while eMMC storage, microprocessors, and other integrated circuits are soldered directly to the motherboard.

One of the reasons that the two vary in how they are connected is that eMMC has both flash memory and flash memory installer integrated on one silicon die while SSD has a flash memory installer that commonly bridges the NAND memory components to the host computer.

Therefore, eMMC is used in tablets, 2-in-1 computers, smartphones, digital cameras, digital audio players, entry-level laptops and in removable storages such as SD cards but SSD is mainly used in laptops and computers.


With the different features, eMMC and SSD are varying in costs.

SSDs are prohibitive especially on-consumer levels because it can cost more than four times the price of an HDD. This makes SSD even more costly than eMMC making consumers prefer them because they are affordable.

SSDSSDs are rarely used in consumer level electronics because consumers can rely on other storage devices and cloud storage too at a lower cost. In most cases, manufacturers prefer using HDDs although they can use eMMCs from time to time depending on their storage requirements and budget.


Since SSD have a faster speed, storage and retrieval of a large file are fast when compared to eMMC.

As a result, if when using any of the storage, you will have to wait for a period depending on the device you are using and the size of the file you are transferring. How you intend to use a device can determine whether you will rely on eMMC or SSD storage. However, you don’t have to purchase any of the storage devices without considering the pros and the cons.

Finally, most people consider the budget when it comes to buying SSD and eMMC storage. Nevertheless, this should not be the case because there are other factors to consider depending on your needs, preferences, and choice.

Tips in Choosing the Best DJ Headphones

Finding it a little bit difficult while choosing the best DJ headphones? It might be that you’re doing it a bit wrong.

Are you an aspiring or an already rocking DJ who make people move to the tunes of your fingertips? Or, are you that party animal who have crazy fun grooving to the chic music when your favorite DJ is playing and wanting to try it out yourself.

The top tips to help you get the DJ Headphones you need.

Looking for the right music accessory?

If so, here is something you have to take utmost care – that is nothing but choosing the best DJ headphones. Here are some practical tips to watch out to help you make the best choice.

Theysay, style is how you can carry off something. If you are uncomfortable with the headphones, there is no way you are going to look stylish and cool in them.

DJ HeadphonesMoreover, this is an accessory which you have to use hours together. So, comfort is top priority and there will be something’s that is not too loose, not too tight, but just the right fit for you. It could be a little more difficult than finding your perfect shoe, but trust me the hunt is totally worth it. And not to neglect, looks do matter.

Afterall, there is an entire group of people looking up to you on stage- it is all about the balance you have to strike. If you feel confident, there is no looking back.


The sound factor

The clarity of the highs, mids and lows matter a lot when your music is what the entire crowd is dancing to. Consider the atmosphere you will be playing in- for instance, if you are performing at a noisy event or a pub, you would have to factor that while assessing the sound quality.

Noise isolation is a feature you must not miss on, else you might end up playing music at blasting volumes to potentially damage your eardrums.


Go in for the right design

Going for a headphones with closed-back designed ear cups over the open casing ones will take care of this. Ensure the output volume is loud enough, else it will fail to serve its basic purpose. The bass should be punchy enough, you could even talk to some DJ’s who have been in the field for some time to cross check on this.


Portability and durability

DJ headphone ReviewCheck for a sturdy build quality including a thick cable so that it stays with you. Most DJ’s prefer a coiled and springy cable as against a straight one since it makes you feel free to move around.

A flexible headband with movable ear cups will allow you to keep a track on your mixing by swiveling one ear cup over. Portability matters a very big deal for those of you who travel and perform across cities and countries.

Remember, you will have a lot other stuff to pack including your laptop, controllers, etc. They should not be excess baggage for your shoulders when you are constantly on the move. Another little tip is to check for a ¼” jack which can be easily plugged into most of the mixers and controllers. Or else, you will need a converter.


Premium headphones

Like most other electronic gadgets, the higher the price you get a better product. The premium versions come with additional features including a foldable design, ear and neck pads, noise cancellation, removable cables and the like.

There are also some versions where they hike up the prices just for some gold plated or leather covers. So, take time to convince yourself if that higher price is justified for the quality you are getting. If not, you know what to do.

On the other hand, always remember one thing- cheap headphones may break, much before you anticipate. Some alcohol splashing, your hard work’s sweat, packing up after a late night in a hurry – all of this could damage them. So while you do need to spend your money well, also know how good or bad a buy yours is.

What are the best bluetooth wireless earbuds made of?

Lots of people keep searching for the best wireless earbuds since the ones, which come along with a Smartphone box are not essentially the best. These days, people have a preference of listening to melody on their Smartphone especially when they are busy to get rid of the need for any other convenient music player.

Also, they wish for a superior pair of earbuds not just for portability purposes rather they can also the earbuds with a microphone when they are listening to songs on their laptop or computer.

Actually, wireless earbuds totally eradicate the wire and make every earbud its own detached gadget that wirelessly connects with the other one. Apple came up with the wire-free ball rolling along the AirPods, and after that lots of other earbud producers have been focusing on the same idea- “going wireless”.

If you have an iPhone, it’s important to consider a set of earbuds that utilize Apple’s proprietary W1 chip. The W1 chip makes it easy to pair Bluetooth device as one doesn’t have to open the Settings menu, since your mobile automatically asks you to hook up every time the earbuds are close by. The chip also heads for a steadier link and better wireless range.

truly wireless earbuds
This is sexy

What Can You Get When You Buy the Best bluetooth Wireless Earbuds?

Along with the earbuds one gets a hard carrying box. The box of Bluetooth wireless earbuds that you buy has:

  • USB charging wire
  • Four dimensions of ear tips
  • Two sets detachable safe Fit wingtips
  • Carrying purse
  • Quick Start handbook with instructions

The wireless earbuds are made from the radio receiver module, which is to be installed inside. There has to be a set of electronic parts and a set of wires and jacks.

The best Bluetooth wireless will have a few resistors, ceramic capacitors, variable capacitors and transistors of specific codes.

All these form the electronic components and making of earbuds also requires tiny and automatic tunable radio module with 3v power supply, a male jack, rechargeable battery, copper wire, spool, Multi-Purpose PCB, Male & Female power jack, FM Antenna, small switches etc. These are also made up of made with a combination of anodised aluminium, unbreakable cowhide and extra-soft lambskin leather.

Wireless Earphones

Features of wireless earbuds

So, what is it about wireless earbuds that you would like? Here is a look.

1. Can be Used Anywhere

Wire-free earbuds are usually gym-friendly, with the majority of models having a kind of water resistance.

2. Good battery juice overall

Generally, they are also accompanied with their own battery-set carry box for putting them safe and covered when not in use and the straightforward benefit of not handling a wire is its own noteworthy advantage.

The majority of wire-free earbuds have a good battery life in comparison to bound models, but you may need to put them to the charger daily.

3. Easily portable offering a good user experience

Awesome wireless Bluetooth earphones and earbudsTheir tiny dimension also indicates that there are very few buttons on the earbuds, and their cost is generally much more than comparable wired earbuds.


Noise cancellation earbuds for smartphones

The best earbuds are also made up of features of Active noise cancellation, which makes use of outward-facing microphones to lift and examine noise, which gets nullified by a circuit that produces an opposite signal in the earbuds. Earlier it was a pricey, burdensome technology that was not available in wireless earbuds, but that modified some years back with advancements in battery life and circuitry trimness.

With the right Bluetooth wireless earbuds, you can expect better bass, clear voices and enhanced highs. To offer better robustness over usual cable patterns, many of these even come with a button that allows a range of capabilities like control over songs, functions to pause and resume tracks along with the functionality of making and receiving calls.


The earbuds are made from emitter, which is formed from the components above. The key feature of wireless earbuds is ease – wireless earbuds put forward unparalleled freedom from intertwined cables, not to state earbud jacks. Active noise cancelling (ANC) is a widespread and constructive characteristic which makes the earbuds cancel out loud surroundings too, and has firm earplugs so that these don’t fall off. These components make the earbuds handy and useful considering if you take a tour often.

Wondering how much does a VR headset cost?

If you are a technology enthusiast or if you are a computer gamer who wants to go beyond and stretch your boundaries, you would be wondering – what could be the cost of a VR headset? Would it be possible for me to afford one of my own?

Well, the answer to that lingering question is very much a yes! As much as the virtual reality headsets are intriguing us, the prices of these magic devices also vary on a very large scale. They are available in different ranges varying from $ 20 to $ 800.

Wow, now that is quite a big wide range, right?

The Google Cardboard that comes in the cheap range of VR headsets, varies as per model between 20 to 30 US dollars. If you have a creative bend of mind, you can even try to do your own DIY Google cardboard.

First 8K VR Headset

What is a normal VR headset made up of?

  • They are usually made of durable plastic or even aluminum and are priced reasonably even when customized with any specific materials.
  • They are the most commonly available VR headsets and are easily portable devices too. The big plus is that they are compatible with most smartphones.

The Other Options

We will take a look at few of the options you can have today when it comes to choosing a VR headset. This will help you get the right idea of just how much a VR headset is worth.


1. From Samsung

Gear VR headset

One of the sophisticated and well known options in the mid-range is Samsung Gear VR. It varies within a price range of anywhere from $ 75 to $ 125.

Mind you, it may not work with your old smartphones. You may have to upgrade your phone to the latest models for compatibility. They are also easily portable, yet more immersive as compared to Google cardboards.


2. From LG and Zeiss

Zeiss VR and LG VR are a few other options in mid-range. You could have them up of $100 as well.


3. Oculus

HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Sony’s PlayStation VR are some of the top players on the list. The price range for the high end options varies from $400 to $ 800.

They provide the best of experience with their high resolution screens, complex features like motion tracking and amazingly mesmerizing graphics. These being the new and most innovative entrants in the VR market, would be available at very high prices if you are one of those who wish to be early adopters of the latest.


What makes a VR headset even better?

The top-notch quality of the computer powered VR headsets in the high end range is unmatched, as compared to the phone powered lower range sets.

They take you into the depths of virtual reality through complex and more importantly, interactive experiences. Oculus and Sony uses an external camera and this helps it to move around.

On the other hand, HTC Vive uses a laser tracking system and this makes it possible for you to experience maximum movements. It even gives you a warning if you are too much on the edge.

samsung gear

Should you go for one?

Video gamers who have a high budget on hand, or probably professional video editors may be interested in investing that big amount of money on these devices. If not, it could be a better idea for you to wait for some more time for the market to settle down.

Doing this, you will save on the cost and you will also get the advantage of getting newer versions with the initial bugs are fixed. You could get Controllers used are Dual Shock 4 and PS move for PlayStation VR, Xbox One gamepad or touch motion controllers for Oculus Rift and motion controllers for HTC Vive.

Best VR Headset

Making the right decision

Know your requirements clearly, check for the compatibility, go and check out these products personally and then see what suits you and your pockets the best before you choose your very own virtual reality headset. Make an informed choice; happy shopping folks!

How to make your ear buds louder?

You will be surprised to know how lots of people who have been using ear buds don’t go into the phone or device settings to check if they can tap on some control to boost the audio.

Just by tapping the slider, one can raise the volume. By opening the settings in the device and scrolling on to the Sound and vibration segment, one can easily change volume. The media slider is the one which has to be utilized for changing the levels of volume.

How to do that?

Here are some of the simple steps to follow.

  • The volume of the ear buds can be made louder in various ways; however they won’t work right if your apparatus or accessory is unclean.
  • Before turning up the volume, softly knock off or brush off dirt from the speaker jack, the ear buds and mic covers on the handset.
  • Then start the device or phone again.

How To Make Earbuds Louder

The common issues which a listener faces include:

  • a wrong fit of ear buds
  • its too much external noise
  • a bad design of ear buds

So, what can you do to make your earbuds louder? Turns out, a fair bit.

We will talk about the different things you can do to ensure that you could listen to your favorite music clearly it even take calls from anyone without having to worry whether you will be able to listen to what they are saying.

Method 1:

Step 1: Chose the “Volume” tab and drag the “Device’s Volume” slider towards right side to boost the sound.

Step 2: It is to be checked that the checkbox on “Mute” option is not selected.

Step 3: Even one can check the advanced settings in the “sounds’” setting, and the changes to bass, treble and equalizers can be made. There is an option of choosing the kind of sound which one wants to hear, like “vocal”, “instrumental”, “concert” etc.

Method 2:

It’s the best solution and quickest quick solution, conditional on the phone in use:

Headphones Louder
Video Source

Step 1: Go to Settings->Sound->Music Effects and as per the device, you might by default have an application in the phone that manages the music effects in which you should find your preferred settings without any difficulty.

Method 3:

However if your device is rooted, a better way would be to install the app for music effects: Viper (it is a 3rd party audio driver for android) which can be switched off or on when needed.

“Ultimate Volume Booster” is another app which is there in the Google Play Store for boosting the native volume for the ear buds. It has been developed by Porrassoft. Such apps are highly useful. It will boost the overall volume of the phone as well as the ear buds by around 40%.

Method 4:

One more way to do so is installation of poweramp from the playstore. Once installed, go into the equalizer settings and enhance the preamp level and fine-tune as per your choice. It is advised to save it as a preset and use it for the audio outputs, which have to be listened through the ear buds.

Make Headphones Louder

Other methods:

After all is done, if still your ear buds are not louder, you can download any 3rd party app, which increases the whole playback volume of the device and may be this trick works. There are various such apps available for smartphones.

Perhaps the easiest and quickest method to get the best ear buds volume is to search for the best ear buds for the phone. May be it will be highly pricey.

Buyingng a premium in-ear or over-ear ear bud can be an expensive method, however if you buy the right item, it will be worth it. There are several options available in the market. Lots of them have been designed particularly for cancelling the noise which comes from external sources. So, one can expect louder and clear voice from high-quality ear buds.



Above stated are different ideas to boost the volume of ear buds and one of them might work for you. However, it is always advisable to limit the volume to a bearable level so that hearing is not damaged.

Who invented earbuds and headphones?

Love listening to music no matter where you are? While there are a good number of reasons to

So, who invented earbuds and headphones? If you check this from the common man, you will not get the right answer.

Nowadays, earbuds are available in different sizes and colors. The technology also varies with the prices. There are really cheap ones which can be thrown away after one use and expensive ones which have high tech noise cancelling feature. The earbuds have been there for such an extended period.


Starting days – The beginning of the same of earbuds

A Partial History of HeadphonesLet’s go back to the beginning of 1800’s when the gramophone was in fashion in sound improvement. For just $3,000, one could possess a bulky instrument that played sounds from a wax tube.

With these, there were impractical cords linking all the listeners to that big machine. The initial patented earbuds haven’t progressed in design from its original conception. Color, design, and technology might have evolved gradually, however, the basic principles behind making the earbuds is the same as ever.

The 1850s

In the early 1850s, doctors put in the ivory points of stethoscopes in both ears, and after some decades, similar “ear tubes” had been utilized to listen to the recorded tune. Thomas Edison connected the headphones similar to the stethoscope to his gramophone device, which played the sound of the wax tubes.

– In the beginning, earphones were of two types, some had been there for covering the ear, and some had to be put inside the ear canal. In the same phase, creators attempted in-ear attachments to the phone.

– In 1891, Ernest Mercadier, a Parisian copyrighted known as the “bi-telephone” — a couple of tips draped in rubber that would help to avoid any external sounds.


Features That You can Expect from an Earbud Then and Today

Back then

headphone historyThe earbuds of that period didn’t constantly sit very tightly in position, and sometimes they were excessively stiff. A few of the manufacturers began covering them with plastic foam.

Other few traded kits for taking personalized inklings of an individual’s ear passages. Buyers would create the molds at the house, then post them in to acquire a set of personalized earbuds.


Yet earbuds didn’t strike the top of the market until 2001. In 2001, Apple began their sale for using the MP3 players. The white iPod headphones, invented by Jonathan Ive, turned out to be a status symbol for pre-buyers, and after that earbuds formed an element of Apple’s marketing movement.

In 2012, the corporation remodeled its earbuds, and these were branded to be “EarPods.” The latest gadgets looked like small hair dryers which have overhanging tails. They are believed to be extra comfy than other earbud-mode headphones, however, critics haven’t been that keen until now. “The major feature regarding Apple’s EarPods,” which is written on the tech site Engadget, is that “they are satisfactory to utilize.”

The top things to love in an Earbud today

Here are some of the things that you can expect from an earbud of today.

  • Offers great noise cancellation
  • Can come in either wired or wireless versions
  • Often comes with a mic included
  • Is very durable
  • The wireless versions also have protection to ensure you don’t lose them
  • You could have a comforting fit and listen to music for hours
  • Great even when you’re on the go, including gym sessions



It all started in the 1850s when they were created to listen to a patient’s heartbeat and lungs, and Thomas Edison made their use along with the gramophone device. In the 1890s, British opera houses and drama stadiums also initiated the supply of earphones to the audiences.

The next year, Ernest Mercadier devised the bi-telephone, a set of earbuds that obstructed the external noise. Through the assistance of the Navy’s, Nathaniel Baldwin proposed his initiative in the year 1910 to be tested.

The ultimate blueprint had two sound receivers, in which each had a mile of copper wire, linked with the operator’s crown. This blueprint was the basis for electricity-free phones which were utilized in World War II.

Over-The-Ear Headphones – When Shouod You Buy It?

So you are finally watching that movie for which you have waited a lifetime. It comes with high recommendations too – especially that one scene. And you are there right now. The narrative has already picked up pace and mystery after mystery is being unfolded at breakneck speed. You are dying to hear what or who is that final piece of the jigsaw. The protagonist starts to speak and…. CLAANGGGGG!!! Your kid brother brings all the utensils crashing down and you couldn’t hear a word the detective said!! You have no clue how the murderer was identified!!

Of course, you can always rewind and go back to hear that all important dialogue (unless you are watching the movie on regular TV cable network). But that kills the mood, not to mention the continuity.

Sounds familiar? Déjà Vu?

Over-Ear HeadphonesThat’s why headphones / earphones are such a rage. And you should get a good pair too. But there are so many types and brands out there. How to choose? While comfort of use for extended listening periods is an important factor, audiophiles will obviously look for the best sound as their first preference. The following discussion should help make this decision easier.

Types of headphones

You may come across the following types of headphones in your quest to find that perfect fit for yourself.

  • Wireless – Bluetooth, Radio Frequency (RF), KLEERTM , DSSS (digital audio transmission),
  • Infrared
  • Noise cancelling
  • Lightening – Apple’s proprietary ‘Lightening’ cable
  • Headsets
  • Over-ear headphones
  • On-ear headphones
  • In-ear headphones

In this article, we will focus on the ‘over-ear headphones’ and try to compare their utility with a few other common types.

The Top Features of Over the Ear Headphones

As the name suggests, over-ear headphones surround the entire ear and provide a comfortable fit. These are also known as circumaural (around the ear) or full-size headphones. They are available in open-back, closed-back, wireless and noise-cancelling variants. Some of these variants may overlap, i.e., provide more than one of these features.

1. They fit on your ears easily

On-ear headphones (supra-aural) sit on, and not around, your ears. These may be lighter in weight and more portable when compared to over-ear headphones, but they also let in a lot of the ambient noise. Not many prefer this, especially if you work or live around places with continuous loud noises.

2. Offer good speakers

BoSNext come the speakers on these devices. The over-ear types generally sport 3 to 5 inch speakers within the cushions that enclose the ears. This isolates the listener from the external sounds in the surroundings and delivers a fuller listening experience.

The on-ear types, on the other hand, have 1 to 2 inch speakers. The ear pads on these press down on your ears more firmly, so as to deliver better sound. This may also help to hold the headphones in place while doing certain light activities. However, some may not prefer the extra pressure on their ears.

3. Offers good noise cancellation

Since the over-ear headphones cut-off the external noise, they help the user to concentrate better on the task at hand by reducing auditory distractions. Another notable advantage is the way these prevent sound from leaking out of the headphones. This avoids disturbance to people around you and since nobody can hear what you are listening to (or what the person at the other end of your phone call is saying), your privacy is protected too.

4. Is comfortable

One more positive is that the speakers of over-ear headphones are (generally) mounted in a way that they face the back of the listener’s head. This is effective when watching a movie because you get the feeling that the sound is coming from in front of you where the action is taking place.

To Conclude

On-ear headphones are generally cheaper than over-ear types, but require quiet surroundings to deliver their best performance.
‘Comfort’ is very subjective. However, for most people over-ear headphones may be the most comfortable, especially if you plan on using your headphones continuously for long hours. However, to each his (her) own.

Why should you buy a Senso headphones?

How many times have you had to fumble for the pause button on your headphones or your mobile phone or music player when someone suddenly says something to you while you are blissfully lost in your favorite tunes? Imagine if that someone is your boss (or, horror – of – horrors, your mother-in-law!!) and they have to call out to you twice! Not only does it get very embarrassing for you, at the least, but you also lose ‘track’ of your music.

The Top Reasons You Will Love a Senso Headphone

Don’t worry – there are plenty of reasons to love a Senso headphone so you would never end up regretting your choice.

Being an incurable music fanatic myself, I have lost count of the number of times I have found myself in similar situations. Has happened to you too? Read on then to find out how the SENSO headphones can come to your rescue.

Senso ActivBuds S-250 Bluetooth Headphones


The SENSO headphones look sleek and have a clean design. Some may call it minimalist too, but the first impression is exciting. The headband is stainless steel and has a cushion where it comes in contact with your head. The foam used in the ear cups remembers the curves of your ears and accordingly adjusts, and sustains its own shape. Just in case you are unsure, the ear cup pads have respective ‘R’ and ‘L’ perforations. Even after all this, these on-ear headphones weigh-in at only 140 grams.


The controls and ports are distributed on the two ear cups as follows.

Right ear cup:

• Micro-USB charging port
• 3.5 mm jack
• Power button / Bluetooth toggle
• Phone button for receiving/ending calls

Left ear cup:

• Physical buttons for play, pause and skip
• Volume wheel
• Button for switching between music and ambient sounds
It won’t matter whether you are an Android lover or an iOS aficionado. The controls work just fine and do what they are supposed to do.


Senso Bluetooth Headphones ReviewThe high-quality sound reproduced by the SENSO gets full marks. The sound is so well balanced that you will find clarity in all the aspects and frequencies of the music you are listening to. I found hardly any sound leakage at normal levels of volume. So it won’t irritate the people around you (unless, of course, you are elbowing them in the stomach as you boogie to the tunes).

The microphones also boast of a noise-canceling feature, ensuring crisp and clear communication over a phone call.


The Backbeat SENSO employs Bluetooth 4.0. The company claims a 100m range. The SENSO can be connected to 2 devices simultaneously. It will automatically switch to the device that is being used, without you having to even think about it. With the SENSO, you can answer a call received on your phone and when you are done with the call, seamlessly continue listening to the music playing on your computer. No more fumbling for the pause button. This itself clinches the deal for me!


If the above was not reason enough for you to buy one of these, here’s more. The SENSO will, of its own accord, not only pause the music as soon as the headphones are separated from your ears, but also resume playing it the moment you put them back on.

There’s even more! If you have put the headphones down on the table and you receive a call on your phone, the SENSO will automatically re-direct the audio to your phone. Now that’s SENSO-ible!


With a full charge, claims a listening time of 18 hours. But the SENSO seems to give considerably more than that. Though it would differ for different people depending on use, you can give the SENSO a full charge every few days, even with whole day usage.



SENSO headphones are the real thing! They are lightweight with easy to use controls, good battery life and a sound quality that gets the top grade.
What are you waiting for then? Go buy yourself one of these babies. It definitely makes SENSO!