Tips in Choosing the Best DJ Headphones

Finding it a little bit difficult while choosing the best DJ headphones? It might be that you’re doing it a bit wrong.

Are you an aspiring or an already rocking DJ who make people move to the tunes of your fingertips? Or, are you that party animal who have crazy fun grooving to the chic music when your favorite DJ is playing and wanting to try it out yourself.

The top tips to help you get the DJ Headphones you need.

Looking for the right music accessory?

If so, here is something you have to take utmost care – that is nothing but choosing the best DJ headphones. Here are some practical tips to watch out to help you make the best choice.

Theysay, style is how you can carry off something. If you are uncomfortable with the headphones, there is no way you are going to look stylish and cool in them.

DJ HeadphonesMoreover, this is an accessory which you have to use hours together. So, comfort is top priority and there will be something’s that is not too loose, not too tight, but just the right fit for you. It could be a little more difficult than finding your perfect shoe, but trust me the hunt is totally worth it. And not to neglect, looks do matter.

Afterall, there is an entire group of people looking up to you on stage- it is all about the balance you have to strike. If you feel confident, there is no looking back.


The sound factor

The clarity of the highs, mids and lows matter a lot when your music is what the entire crowd is dancing to. Consider the atmosphere you will be playing in- for instance, if you are performing at a noisy event or a pub, you would have to factor that while assessing the sound quality.

Noise isolation is a feature you must not miss on, else you might end up playing music at blasting volumes to potentially damage your eardrums.


Go in for the right design

Going for a headphones with closed-back designed ear cups over the open casing ones will take care of this. Ensure the output volume is loud enough, else it will fail to serve its basic purpose. The bass should be punchy enough, you could even talk to some DJ’s who have been in the field for some time to cross check on this.


Portability and durability

DJ headphone ReviewCheck for a sturdy build quality including a thick cable so that it stays with you. Most DJ’s prefer a coiled and springy cable as against a straight one since it makes you feel free to move around.

A flexible headband with movable ear cups will allow you to keep a track on your mixing by swiveling one ear cup over. Portability matters a very big deal for those of you who travel and perform across cities and countries.

Remember, you will have a lot other stuff to pack including your laptop, controllers, etc. They should not be excess baggage for your shoulders when you are constantly on the move. Another little tip is to check for a ¼” jack which can be easily plugged into most of the mixers and controllers. Or else, you will need a converter.


Premium headphones

Like most other electronic gadgets, the higher the price you get a better product. The premium versions come with additional features including a foldable design, ear and neck pads, noise cancellation, removable cables and the like.

There are also some versions where they hike up the prices just for some gold plated or leather covers. So, take time to convince yourself if that higher price is justified for the quality you are getting. If not, you know what to do.

On the other hand, always remember one thing- cheap headphones may break, much before you anticipate. Some alcohol splashing, your hard work’s sweat, packing up after a late night in a hurry – all of this could damage them. So while you do need to spend your money well, also know how good or bad a buy yours is.

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