How to make your ear buds louder?

You will be surprised to know how lots of people who have been using ear buds don’t go into the phone or device settings to check if they can tap on some control to boost the audio.

Just by tapping the slider, one can raise the volume. By opening the settings in the device and scrolling on to the Sound and vibration segment, one can easily change volume. The media slider is the one which has to be utilized for changing the levels of volume.

How to do that?

Here are some of the simple steps to follow.

  • The volume of the ear buds can be made louder in various ways; however they won’t work right if your apparatus or accessory is unclean.
  • Before turning up the volume, softly knock off or brush off dirt from the speaker jack, the ear buds and mic covers on the handset.
  • Then start the device or phone again.

How To Make Earbuds Louder

The common issues which a listener faces include:

  • a wrong fit of ear buds
  • its too much external noise
  • a bad design of ear buds

So, what can you do to make your earbuds louder? Turns out, a fair bit.

We will talk about the different things you can do to ensure that you could listen to your favorite music clearly it even take calls from anyone without having to worry whether you will be able to listen to what they are saying.

Method 1:

Step 1: Chose the “Volume” tab and drag the “Device’s Volume” slider towards right side to boost the sound.

Step 2: It is to be checked that the checkbox on “Mute” option is not selected.

Step 3: Even one can check the advanced settings in the “sounds’” setting, and the changes to bass, treble and equalizers can be made. There is an option of choosing the kind of sound which one wants to hear, like “vocal”, “instrumental”, “concert” etc.

Method 2:

It’s the best solution and quickest quick solution, conditional on the phone in use:

Headphones Louder
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Step 1: Go to Settings->Sound->Music Effects and as per the device, you might by default have an application in the phone that manages the music effects in which you should find your preferred settings without any difficulty.

Method 3:

However if your device is rooted, a better way would be to install the app for music effects: Viper (it is a 3rd party audio driver for android) which can be switched off or on when needed.

“Ultimate Volume Booster” is another app which is there in the Google Play Store for boosting the native volume for the ear buds. It has been developed by Porrassoft. Such apps are highly useful. It will boost the overall volume of the phone as well as the ear buds by around 40%.

Method 4:

One more way to do so is installation of poweramp from the playstore. Once installed, go into the equalizer settings and enhance the preamp level and fine-tune as per your choice. It is advised to save it as a preset and use it for the audio outputs, which have to be listened through the ear buds.

Make Headphones Louder

Other methods:

After all is done, if still your ear buds are not louder, you can download any 3rd party app, which increases the whole playback volume of the device and may be this trick works. There are various such apps available for smartphones.

Perhaps the easiest and quickest method to get the best ear buds volume is to search for the best ear buds for the phone. May be it will be highly pricey.

Buyingng a premium in-ear or over-ear ear bud can be an expensive method, however if you buy the right item, it will be worth it. There are several options available in the market. Lots of them have been designed particularly for cancelling the noise which comes from external sources. So, one can expect louder and clear voice from high-quality ear buds.



Above stated are different ideas to boost the volume of ear buds and one of them might work for you. However, it is always advisable to limit the volume to a bearable level so that hearing is not damaged.

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