Why should you buy a Senso headphones?

How many times have you had to fumble for the pause button on your headphones or your mobile phone or music player when someone suddenly says something to you while you are blissfully lost in your favorite tunes? Imagine if that someone is your boss (or, horror – of – horrors, your mother-in-law!!) and they have to call out to you twice! Not only does it get very embarrassing for you, at the least, but you also lose ‘track’ of your music.

The Top Reasons You Will Love a Senso Headphone

Don’t worry – there are plenty of reasons to love a Senso headphone so you would never end up regretting your choice.

Being an incurable music fanatic myself, I have lost count of the number of times I have found myself in similar situations. Has happened to you too? Read on then to find out how the SENSO headphones can come to your rescue.

Senso ActivBuds S-250 Bluetooth Headphones


The SENSO headphones look sleek and have a clean design. Some may call it minimalist too, but the first impression is exciting. The headband is stainless steel and has a cushion where it comes in contact with your head. The foam used in the ear cups remembers the curves of your ears and accordingly adjusts, and sustains its own shape. Just in case you are unsure, the ear cup pads have respective ‘R’ and ‘L’ perforations. Even after all this, these on-ear headphones weigh-in at only 140 grams.


The controls and ports are distributed on the two ear cups as follows.

Right ear cup:

• Micro-USB charging port
• 3.5 mm jack
• Power button / Bluetooth toggle
• Phone button for receiving/ending calls

Left ear cup:

• Physical buttons for play, pause and skip
• Volume wheel
• Button for switching between music and ambient sounds
It won’t matter whether you are an Android lover or an iOS aficionado. The controls work just fine and do what they are supposed to do.


Senso Bluetooth Headphones ReviewThe high-quality sound reproduced by the SENSO gets full marks. The sound is so well balanced that you will find clarity in all the aspects and frequencies of the music you are listening to. I found hardly any sound leakage at normal levels of volume. So it won’t irritate the people around you (unless, of course, you are elbowing them in the stomach as you boogie to the tunes).

The microphones also boast of a noise-canceling feature, ensuring crisp and clear communication over a phone call.


The Backbeat SENSO employs Bluetooth 4.0. The company claims a 100m range. The SENSO can be connected to 2 devices simultaneously. It will automatically switch to the device that is being used, without you having to even think about it. With the SENSO, you can answer a call received on your phone and when you are done with the call, seamlessly continue listening to the music playing on your computer. No more fumbling for the pause button. This itself clinches the deal for me!


If the above was not reason enough for you to buy one of these, here’s more. The SENSO will, of its own accord, not only pause the music as soon as the headphones are separated from your ears, but also resume playing it the moment you put them back on.

There’s even more! If you have put the headphones down on the table and you receive a call on your phone, the SENSO will automatically re-direct the audio to your phone. Now that’s SENSO-ible!


With a full charge, claims a listening time of 18 hours. But the SENSO seems to give considerably more than that. Though it would differ for different people depending on use, you can give the SENSO a full charge every few days, even with whole day usage.



SENSO headphones are the real thing! They are lightweight with easy to use controls, good battery life and a sound quality that gets the top grade.
What are you waiting for then? Go buy yourself one of these babies. It definitely makes SENSO!

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